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Another guy then discovers the tryst and Natasha walks out, showing plenty of cleavage as she talks to the second guy and ends up kissing him, too. The Black Room Natasha Henstridge Natasha Henstridge lying on her back having sex with a guy on top of her as the camera slowly zooms in on them until she turns and stares into the lens as her eyes glow slightly red. Natasha Henstridge seen from the side and back while standing nude, then having sex with a guy in bed, and finally, lying nude on top of him afterwards. Updated to higher quality. Natasha Henstridge making out with a guy with lots of tongue in a sauna during a sex scene. The Black Room Jennifer

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Updated to a much longer version of higher quality. A Better Way to Die Kelly Naked Natasha Henstridge in Species. Natasha Henstridge making out with a guy as she undresses down to her black bra, which the guy removes. After they finish, Natasha rolls onto her back with the sheets pulled up to her chest as the guy takes a phone call.

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